Students of the Week

Every week, during the school year, a SJE staff member is asked to select a student who is exemplifying the pillars of character: trustworthiness, caring, respect, responsibility, fairness or citizenship in either grades K-2 or 3-5. The student is given a certificate and nomination letter to take home and is asked to bring in pictures or items to be placed on the bulletin board in the front hall. Being selected as the "Student of the Week" is a huge honor for our students and is a way for us to celebrate the students who come to school and model the expected behaviors for ALL of us.

May 9 - 12

Elaina Kline

Elaina Kline (K-2)

I have chosen Elaina Kline for Student of the Week because she is such a sweet kiddo. She is very smart and loves learning, and I am very proud of her! She is a kind friend to all her classmates and is always willing to help them out if they need it. Elaina has a very bright future ahead of her and I am excited to see her journey throughout the rest of her time here at SJES. ~Ms. Gallahan

Riley Cook

Riley Cook (3-5)

For student of the week, I have chosen Riley Cook because she is always respectful, positive, and helpful. ~Mrs. Weitnauer

May 2 - 6

Stella Lopez

Stella Lopez (K-2)

I chose Stella Lopez for student of the week because Stella is always so polite and is always willing to help a peer. She works hard in her classroom. She is friendly and always has a beautiful smile ~ Mrs. Raddish

Grayson Koller

Grayson Koller (3-5)

I have selected fifth grader Grayson Koller. I have known Grayson since he first came to South Jefferson. So, I have seen him grow so much over the years. Grayson had a love of art, even if he is hesitant to admit it. He is super creative and a perfectionist with his work. He handles himself amazingly in art class with me. I love seeing the outcome of his creations. He is so deserving of this honor as he leaves South Jefferson for middle school. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been able to work with him in art this year ~ Ms. Polen

April 25 - 29

Daniel Oligmueller

Daniel Oligmueller (K-2)

The student that I have chosen for student of the week is Daniel Oligmueller. I chose Daniel because he is a model student. He is respectful of his teachers, fellow students and of our school. Daniel works very hard and always gives his best at everything he does. ~Mrs. Sokel

Addison Clark

Addison Clark (3-5)

Addison is such a wonderful and kind young girl. She always has such a great sunny disposition and is so helpful. Always willing to lend a hand to classmates and just an all-around fun kid to have in class. She participates in all the activities and tries her best. I truly appreciate when she gets a chance to pick the music in class because it is always unique and classy. I have chosen Addison Clark for the Character Counts Award because she truly exemplifies what a student full of great character should act and be like. I will truly miss having Addison in my class, but wish may all her dreams come true. ~ Mr. Atkins

April 4 - 8

Aryx Shade

Aryx Shade (K-2)

Aryx comes to music class with a wonderful attitude. He is eager to learn. He always participates. He helps take care of our music room by putting things away if other students forget. ~Mrs. Shearer

Liam Dekker

Liam Dekker (3-5)

I chose Liam as the student of the week because Liam is always cheerful and ready to learn. He is a pleasure to have in class everyday ~ Ms. Cogle

March 28 - April 1

Addison Kiser

Addison Kiser (K-2)

I have chosen Addison Kiser as Student of the Week because she is always kind to her friends, willing to help them when they need it, she's very well-mannered and comes in every morning with a smile on her face, and she puts forward her best in her classwork. She's also always eager to learn new things. ~ Ms. Dinges

Shayne Viereck

Shayne Viereck (3-5)

Shayne is a respectful and polite student who always shows up ready to work even when it is difficult. Shayne listens and always tries his best. Shayne has really good memory and he knows a lot about history, airplanes, and different countries. He wants to be a pilot when he's older and he has dedicated himself to learning all about his passion. He is going to do amazing things! ~ Ms. Hetherton and Ms. Cohen.

March 21 - 25

Ashanti Burns

Ashanti Burns (K-2)

Ashanti always comes to the Library ready to learn something new. She has a love for reading and I hope that sticks with you forever! I love the kindness she brings to class and appreciate her respectfulness. I am happy to have Ashanti as the Student of the Week, representing the library. Way to go, Ashanti! ~ Mrs. Moody

Greyson Braithwaite

Greyson Braithwaite (3-5)

Grayson is a very caring young man who shows kindness to his peers and SJES staff. He works hard in the classroom and wants to do well and is always offering to help if needed. Grayson has an awesome personality that shines through daily.
~ Mrs. Blank

March 14 - 18

Damien O'Banion

Damien O'Banion (K-2)

Damien has been a rockstar this year. He is always willing to learn and is always up for new things. He is incredibly kind and always tries to make others feel better when they are down. Damien is a true friend and will do amazing things when he gets older. ~Miss Decker

Ryan Sheetz

Ryan Sheetz (3-5)

I chose Ryan because he has made great progress with controlling anger and finding ways to calm himself down. Ryan accepts his responsibility for his behavior and completes his consequences without arguing. He apologizes for his mistakes and is able to move forward with making better choices. Ryan has a great sense of humor that others do not always see. He can make a person's day by making them laugh and smile. Ryan is very intelligent and talented. Ryan can be a musician; computer whiz, math mathematician, math teacher, or anything he sets his heart to. He is solving very hard math problems and often wants harder problems. I am proud of the progress Ryan has made and know he will continue to make great progress. ~Miss Potts

March 7 - 11

Degan Considine

Degan Considine (K-2)

I chose Degan Considine for my student of the week because he is an exceptional classroom citizen! He comes to school every day with a big smile on his face and greets his classmates with a positive attitude. Degan is helpful, kind and a joy to teach! ~ Mrs. Fincham

Alyssa Grimes

Alyssa Grimes (3-5)

This student always works hard in class and has a positive attitude, even when things are difficult. She demonstrates respect by always being polite and helpful to others around her. ~Mrs. Weitnauer

February 28 - March 4

Koal Cook

Koal Cook (K-2)

Koal is a quiet and reserved boy, and also super sweet. He works hard and is always respectful and responsible. He has a kind heart and is a very good friend to his peers. Koal always says "have a nice day Mrs. Jenkins" before he leaves every afternoon and is quick to pass out hugs. Koal doesn't get enough credit for what a good student he is and I would like to have him recognized for that. ~Mrs. Jenkins

Joel Nunez Ibarra

Joel Nunez Ibarra (3-5)

Joel Nunez Ibarra is soft spoken, respectful, kind, and hard working. He is a fantastic role model. Joel has done a terrific job of leading by example this year. Joel's positive attitude and hunger for learning are two ways that he shows his leadership on a daily basis. ~ Mr. Collins

February 21 - 25

Easton Palmer

Easton Palmer (K-2)

I choose Easton Palmer for the character counts board because he always participates, helps others, is ready to learn after transitions and most of all he is kind and has a big heart! ~ Mrs. Zimmerman

Kayleigh Armstrong

Kayleigh Armstrong (3-5)

Kayleigh always comes in with a smile and a "good morning". She is so kind and a good friend to her classmates. She works hard and perseveres when things are hard. Kayleigh has a growth mindset every day! ~ Mrs. Strom

February 14 - 18

Julian Membreno Ramirez

Julian Membreno Ramirez (K-2)

Julian is a wonderful second grade student! Whenever I look for the person setting an example and following the rules, I see Julian. He is kind and helpful to all of his friends and classmates. Julian has also made great strides and progress academically. He ALWAYS tries his best and participates often in classroom discussions. He pays attention, and he is focused during instructional time. Julian is soaking up everything that I am teaching, and he is such a pleasure to have in my class ~ Mrs. Fincham

Calen Rose

Calen Rose (3-5)

I have chosen Calen Rose as my student of the week because he is a good friend, works cooperatively with others, pushes himself to improve himself even when he gets discouraged, works hard to complete his best work and is a great participant. I love how he thinks and asks questions. Keep up the great work and growth mindset ~Mrs. Sunday

February 7 - 11

Emerie Hicks

Emerie Hicks (K-2)

EMERIE always has a smile on her face! She loves to lend a helping hand and never complains about what is asked of her. She is responsible, polite, kind, and gentle. My favorite thing about EMERIE is that she is the first one to comfort any student who needs it. She is very selfless and is always a team player ~ Ms. Abernethy

Lilly Hottel

Lilly Hottel (3-5)

Lilly has adjusted well to SJE and is very organized and helpful. She is kind to those around her and works hard to do her best ~ Mrs. Ceravalo

Jan. 31 - Feb. 4

Mylah Twyman

Mylah Twyman (K-2)

Mylah is a very sweet and caring student in my class. She is always working hard and completes her work with neatness and accuracy. She offers to help others when she can, including her teacher! Mylah is also a lot of fun. She loves to joke around, but is always very appropriate. Mylah is a joy to have in my classroom! ~Mrs. Sturba

Wyatt Fuller

Wyatt Fuller (3-5)

Wyatt Fuller is a third-grade student who is kind, respectful of others, helpful and hard working. He comes to class prepared, works hard, and participates in class. Wyatt loves to share a good story with his class. Iam so happy Wyatt is in my class this year. He brings a smile to my face each morning. ~ Mrs. Mangum

January 24-28

Wyatt Miller

Wyatt Miller (K-2)

Wyatt is respectful to his teachers and his peers. He is extremely helpful at the end of day by putting up chairs without being asked. He is a hard worker and enjoys finding ways to solve our math sentences. Wyatt has a positive attitude each morning when he enters the classroom and continues as the day rolls along ~ Ms. Greene

Jaxson Hess

Jaxson Hess (3-5)

I am choosing Jaxson Hess to be student of the month. He always has a smile on his face, is polite, and works hard during class ~ Mrs. Weitnauer

December 13-17

Lyla Hess

Lyla Hess (K-2)

I chose Lyla because she is sweet and kind to everyone and always respectful toward adults. ~ Mrs. Cavanaugh

Izzy Fetty

Izzy Fetty (3-5)

Izzy is an amazing student who works hard and always has a smile on her face. She loves math and is excited to learn each day. Her fire and laughter are contagious. It is a pleasure to be her teacher ~ Mrs. Dinges

December 6 - 10

Edmond Uzon

Edmond Uzon (K-2)

Edmond is a model student who is kind to everyone. He has a natural curiosity that leads to some great conversations in class. He is helpful, courteous, and a great friend to all. ~ Mrs. Vogel

Riley Mason

Riley Mason (3-5)

I have chosen Riley Mason as the student of the week because she is a wonderful student who enters the classroom with a greeting and a smile for everyone. Riley is the first student to offer help to another student or teacher. Riley is a hard worker, an active participant, and an energetic addition to any classroom. Riley Mason is a pleasure to have in my classroom. ~ Mrs. Blank

November 29 - December 3

Giovanni Lupinacci

Giovanni Lupinacci (K-2)

Gio greets his teachers and peers each morning with a friendly hello. He is helpful and kind to his friends. He will help his friends build Legos or start up a game of soccer. Gio has a positive attitude towards his schoolwork. He loves to share his knowledge of monster trucks with is classmates. ~Ms. Greene

Piper Brose

Piper Brose (3-5)

I chose Piper Brose for student of the week because she is always there to help her buddy sitting beside her. She keeps the buddy organized and will repeat the directions for the student. Piper also helps another student in the classroom. She is kind, caring, and helpful. Piper uses her manners every day. She is a leader and a respectful student for others to follow.

November 8-12

Wyatt Sunday

Wyatt Sunday (K-2)

I chose Wyatt as my student of the week because he is a role model in our classroom. Wyatt shows respect when speaking in class and playing with his classmates. He is an excellent listener and always tries to do his best work! I am proud of his behavior and effort every day! ~Ms. Greene

November 1-5

Emma Lynn Longerbeam

Emma Lynn Longerbeam (K-2)

Emma Lynn is a sweetheart who always has a smile on her face that you can feel even through her mask! She is a fabulous friend to all her classmates and the first one to try and cheer someone up when they are down. She works really hard and has endless energy when she is on the playground. This year would not be the same without her! ~ Mrs. Jenkins

Nathan Viteri

Nathan Viteri (3-5)

Nathan has worked extremely hard the entire school year. He comes to class with positive energy and a ready to work attitude. Nathan is a hard worker and is kind and considerate to others. He supports his peers in both academic and nonacademic areas. Nathan is an excellent student as well as an outstanding classmate. ~Mr. Collins

October 25 - 29

Austin McIntosh

Austin McIntosh (K-2)

I choose Austin McIntosh as my character counts student because he raises his hand to participate and always uses his manners. He has worked hard to learn the rules and routines of kindergarten and has picked things up quickly. I am so proud of his determination to learn new things and always tries again and gives his best effort! ~Mrs. Zimmerman

Jaxen Craver

Jaxen Craver (3-5)

I choose Jaxen Craver for my Student of the Week because he is always so polite and greets everyone with "good morning". He is a good listener and is always ready to learn. He puts forth his best effort when completing his work. ~Mrs. Strom

October 18 - 22

Riley Schmidt

Riley Schmidt (K-2)

I am choosing Riley Schmidt as my student of the week because he comes to school excited to learn every single day. He greets me with a smile in the morning and a wave goodbye in the afternoon. He is a good friend to others, and he is always willing to lend a helping hand to his classmates and teachers. Not only is Riley an enthusiastic student who always tries his best on all of his assignments, but he is also a respectful student who follows the rules. It is such a pleasure having Riley in my class this year. ~Mrs. Fincham

Elizabeth Tuitele

Elizabeth Tuitele (3-5)

I am choosing Elizabeth as my student of the week because she comes to school every day prepared, asks questions when she needs help, helps others, and actively participates in class. She is a great friend to all, is patient and always eager to help them. She demonstrates a growth mindset and enjoys learning. When she finishes tasks, she finds ways to challenge herself and make smart choices. She is an incredible model to all in her class. It is a pleasure to have her as a Sunday Smartie this year. ~Mrs. Sunday

October 11 - 15

Taryn Lafferty

Taryn Lafferty (K-2)

 I have chosen Taryn to be recognized for his outstanding character. He is responsible, polite, and always respectful to others. He is especially caring and always willing to lend a helping hand.~Mrs. Abernethy

Kaleb Lee

Kaleb Lee (3-5)

I have chosen Kaleb because he is very honest and a hard working and wonderful young musician ~ Mrs. Shearer

October 4-8

Gabriel Payne

Gabriel Payne (K-2)

I am nominating Gabriel for his kind heart and willingness to always try his best. He is helpful to his teachers and kind to his classmates. He works hard on his work and participates in all class discussions. We are so glad he is a part of our class this year. ~Mrs. Fox

Sophia Willingham

Sophia Willingham (3-5)

 I chose Sophia Willingham. because she is very respectful, works hard, and has a positive personality. She is honest and kind to everyone, and able to work cooperatively in any group I assign her.~Mrs. Ceravalo

September 27-October 1

Tyler Traugher

Tyler Trauger (K-2)

Tyler Trauger is a very respectful young boy. He always focuses on his work and complete assignments with a great attitude. He is always participating in classroom discussions and talks. He remembers all of the school rules and follows them without any reminders. He also is often there helping and showing kindness to his classmates. ~ Mrs. Sturba

Berlin McKay

Berlin McKay (3-5)

Berlin is new to SJE and already fits in like he's been here forever. He is always ready to help a fellow student or the teacher and does so with a smile. Adding to our class discussions, is one of Berlin's specialties. He is thoughtful with his responses and always gives one hundred percent. Plus, his smile even through a mask could brighten anyone's day! ~ Ms. Slagle

September 20-24

Zoey Traywick

Zoey Traywick (K-2)

Zoey enters the classroom each morning with a positive attitude. She is thoughtful and respectful to her teachers and classmates. She enjoys reading Dog-man books and chatting with her new friends at recess ~ Ms. Greene

Abril Watson

Abril Watson (3-5)

I chose Abril for student of the week because she is respectful and a hard worker. She is a joy to spend time with because of her sunny disposition and her kindness. I'm very proud of the student she is ~ Ms. Hetherton

September 13 - 17

Decklin Brown

Deklin Brown (K-2)

Our Character Counts student is Decklin Brown. Decklin is a very sweet and kind little boy. He is very well mannered. He show caring and compassion to his classmates and teachers. He is an joy to teach.~ Ms. Horne and Ms. Krystal

Morgan Marshall

Morgan Marshall (3-5)

My nomination is Morgan Marshall because Morgan is a sweet, caring, hard working and positive student. She takes her role as a student very seriously and she always comes to class prepared and ready to try her best.
Morgan always has a positive outlook and attitude. She’s a good friend to others and a model student at South Jefferson Elementary. ~ Mrs. Mangum